Baxi Duo-tec Compact Combi Boiler

Baxi Duo-tec compact combi boiler: An in-depth review

The Baxi duo tec is a seriously well constructed and reliable boiler. From the photo above you can see the quality of the interior components.

A lot of other boilers, even those that are considered high-end specification are held together with plastic and clips.

Baxi Boiler Review

As you can see it’s a solid brass, stainless steel and aluminium construction. Its robust design weighs around 40kg a lot heavier than some of its competitor’s, showing the quality of its construction.

A handy feature of this boiler is its pre-piped jig. If you are having a project/build done in 2 stages, it’s possible to install all the pipe work in place while keeping the boiler somewhere safer off site. It comes with a standard 7-year warranty with the option of a 10-year warranty titanium model.

One of the main reasons why we recommend the Baxi so highly is the evolution of its design. Rather than an entirely new redesign using untested components, the Baxi keeps an almost identical case of the older models. The service valves on some boilers are always a place prone to leaking. The valves are tried and tested. The internals had a major revamp of the original design when the condensing boilers first came about and had proved to be reliable and durable.

The whole attitude of the Baxi range has been built on a solid foundation of “if it works keep it. If it’s unreliable, make it stronger.” The hot water flow rates are of an excellent specification on the 24kw model leading up to a class-leading 16.4 litres of hot water per minute on the 40kw with a central heating output of up to 34.4kw of heating power!

We typically pair this boiler up with a salus plug in wireless control for a neat, compact installation.

Prices start from £1400 plus vat for the boiler, wireless controls, magnetic filter and system flush making it a superb choice for 7 to 10 years peace-of-mind heating and hot water.

Our heating engineers have all been on the official Baxi installation course and are Baxi accredited installers.

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