Power Flushing solutions for heating problems.

Specialising in restoring heating efficiency and performance. Our expert power flushing eliminates cold spots, boosts efficiency, and cuts energy bills.

Power Flushing solutions

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Power Flush or Chemical Flush Why do I need my system Power Flushing?

Many homes have had central heating fitted for decades. Over this time boilers have been replaced, moved, adapted and upgraded. Until recent flushing technology was developed, it was difficult to remove the years of dirt and sludge in the system. 

✓   Radiators not heating up
✓   Cold spots on radiators
✓   Poor hot water on combi boilers due to sludge build up
✓   Excessive gas bill caused by inefficient heating

Now we use the best system on the market to restore radiators and protect new boilers.

Power Flushing

Industry Leading MagnaClense and Nordstrom Method

We utilise the Adey MagnaClense system with powerful magnets to flush the central heating water. The Vibraclean agitator is used to remove sludge from radiators, while a cleaning chemical breaks down sludge in pipes and cylinders. This comprehensive process ensures a thorough cleaning of your heating system for optimal efficiency.

Power Flushing solutions

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Evolving Power Flushing

Over the years, power flushing has undergone remarkable developments as dedicated heating engineers tirelessly sought the most optimal methods to unblock pipework and radiators.

Previously, the prevalent approach involved using a hose pipe to manually rinse out the system, attempting to eliminate sludge, 

However, this method often proved fruitless, as water naturally follows the path of least resistance, rendering it ineffective and time-consuming.

Power Flushing solutions

Norstrom and Adey Proflush

By employing Sentinol's non-acidic chemicals, we efficiently remove sludge from radiators and pipework, resolving cold spots and enabling proper heat distribution. 

Our advanced equipment and chemicals are compatible with all central heating systems, including those with aluminium components.

Power Flushing solutions

VibraClean Powerflushing

Our skilled engineers employ the VibraClean radiator agitator to deliver exceptional results in power flushing. 

This specialised tool swiftly removes hardened debris and blockages, significantly expediting the process. Trust our expert team for reliable power flushing services in Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford, and West Yorkshire areas.

Power Flushing solutions