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Experience a hassle-free and seamless Air Source Heat Pump servicing or repair. All work carried by our own Gas-Safe engineers, our skilled team covering the West Yorkshire region.

Air Source Heat Pump services

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We are Air Source Heat Pump service and Repair specialists

Air source heat pumps are increasing in popularity due to the government incentive to reduce carbon emissionss. 

Heat pumps are usually installed with an unvented cylinder (hot water tank) the heat pump and the cylinder should be serviced annually. Especially important to maintain the manufacturers warranty. 

We have Engineers qualified and trained to provide servicing throughout Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford and the surrounding area.

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Air Source Heat Pump services

Reliable Solutions for your Faulty Heat Pump

Contact Union Plumbing for reliable and effective Heat Pump repairs. The skilled team is on standby to provide assistance. Trust Union Plumbing for all your heat pump repair needs.

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Air Source Heat Pump Servicing

Our team of Heating Engineers are qualified and experienced to undertake annual servicing and maintenance of your air source heat pump, heating system and unvented cylinder. 

Our team of Heating Engineers has undergone rigorous training and possess extensive expertise in annually servicing and maintaining air source heat pumps, heating systems, and unvented cylinders.

Air Source Heat Pump Servicing

Air Source Heat Pump Repairs

Even though an Air Source Heat pump differs from a gas boiler, the radiators, pipework, underfloor heating, unvented cylinder, controls, and pumps use the same technology as a traditional gas boiler.

Air Source Heat Pump Repairs

Way’s we can Help

We can offer a repair service on the appliance and the heating system, the electrical and air conditioning side we can recommend or work with one of our partners to resolve any issues you may have with the heat pump itself and the heating system, the electrical system and the air conditioning / refrigerant system.

We do not provide installation.

Air Source Heat Pumps