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Choosing the right plumber for you and your home

When you need a new boiler or plumbing work doing, choosing the right plumber for the job is something that a lot of people often worry about. As with most plumbing problems, there’s usually no time to wait, you need a plumber and you need one fast. This can leave you felling under extreme pressure. So here are some quick tips and advice on what you should look for and what type of questions you should be asking to ensure you get the right plumber for the job.

Licensed and insured

Firstly make sure you get a plumber who is licensed and insured. A licensed and insured plumber is more likely to provide high-quality work with good service and ensure the job gets done right the first time. Preferably seek out a plumber who comes recommended. Ask friends, family and people you know if they can recommend a good professional plumber. If no one you know can recommend a good plumber try searching on the internet to help you find a plumber with good references.

CORGI certificate

CORGI stands for Council for Registered Gas Installers and any plumber that services your boiler must be CORGI registered by law. Ask to see their CORGI identification, which is re-issued to all registered plumbers every year so be sure to check it is up to date. Hiring a plumber who is not CORGI registered could cost you your life. In the U.K around 30 people die from carbon-monoxide poisoning every year. Carbon monoxide can leak out from your boiler and has no smell or colour making it almost impossible to detect before it is too late. CORGI estimate there are around 20,000 people in the U.K currently working without a certificate. DON’T RISK IT! Get a CORGI registered plumber, not a cowboy.

Up to date training

Boilers and heating systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated due to new advancements in modern boiler technology. A respectable professional plumber will always be engaging in regular training courses to ensure they have fresh up to date knowledge on all brands of new heating systems. Ask your plumber if they engage in regular training courses.

24-hour service

Plumbing problems are usually emergencies and can strike at anytime. Check if your plumber offers round the clock service and find out what is their particular area of expertise. Are they equipped with the right tools and knowledge to handle your plumbing problem?

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