Gledhill Boilermate, Electramate 2000 & Pulsacoil

Gledhill Boilermate, Electramate 2000 & Pulsacoil


Gledhill produced groundbreaking products in the early 2000s, offering unique heating and hot water solutions as an alternative to traditional systems.


So what exactly are they?


Gledhill Boilermate 2000

The Boilermate 2000 functions as a thermal store, pumping heated central heating water from a standard heat only boiler and storing it in a tank. When heating is needed, a pump activates to circulate the hot water around the radiators.

When you need hot water, a separate pump activates to circulate the stored hot water around a plate-to-plate heat exchanger, similar to a combi boiler.

Common problems include PCB issues, pump failure, and leaks. They can often be fixed or replaced with a combi boiler or a separate boiler and hot water cylinder.

Gledhill Electramate 2000

These function just like the Boilermate 2000 but are fully electric. Instead of a gas boiler heating the water, these units use immersion heaters similar to a standard hot water cylinder.Offering a great heating and hot water solution for small homes and flats, especially in areas where gas is not an option.

Common problems include leaks, PCB issues and pump failure.



Gledhill Pulsacoil 2000

Pulsacoil's provide a unique type of hot water cylinder. Simular to a thermal store it heats up water within the cylinder. When hot water is required it circulates the hot water around a plate heat exchanger to provide hot water. The advantages of these cylinders are that they are an open vent configuration. This allows you to install a mains pressure hot water solution where there is no provision for an unvented cylinders discharge pipe.

The Electramate 2000 is quite dependable, similar to any electric cylinder immersion heaters may fail and leaks could happen. It's crucial to ensure they are serviced and maintained for reliability.

Although Gledhill stopped manufactuering some years ago, the brand has been relaunched with direct replacment products now avalible.


If you have a Gledhill product that requires repair or service, Union Plumbing and Heating has skilled engineers to address all your needs.




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