Navien Boiler Review

Navien Boiler Review

Who are Navien?

Navien boilers have been around since 1978. Navien are a South Korean company which are the worlds 4th largest boiler manufacturer. Similar to the automotive industry, Korean brands such as KIA have been hitting the UK market offering quality and long warranties at an affordable price. 

What boilers do they make?

The range starts with the NCB300 which offers a respectable 5 year warranty. These boilers come in a 28kW variant which is ideal for small to medium homes with 1 bathroom.

The next step up is the NCB500 which comes with a superb 10 year warranty. This range of boiler is especially competitive when it comes to larger properties. The 32kW, 37kW and 41kW models are a lot more cost effective than other brands of this size. These boilers are suitable for medium to large properties with 2 bathrooms.

The most unique boiler Navien produce is the NCB700 series available as a 42kW and a 54kW. This flagship range comes with a 12 year warranty. What makes this particular model unique is that its the output combi boiler on the UK market. The 54kW model is specified to run up to 3 showers at once. They offer all the advantages of a system boiler and cylinder in a compact combi boiler set up. We have used these boilers on large properties and have been impressed with not only the output, but the cutting edge technology that comes with it. The boiler has a secondary return loop for larger properties and its super easy to set up the smart controller with multi-zones as the 2 port valves wire directly into the boiler. Heating Engineers love this as it makes what can be a complicated system very straightforward to install. 

Are Navien Boilers good?

What we think:

From and Engineers perspective, they are constructed of quality components. Where other (even premium brands) opt for plastic parts, the Navien is mainly brass and steel construction. The smart controls are easy to set up and they appear to offer excellent value with unique features. 

What our customers think:

We have had 1 warranty issue that was resolved quickly be the manufacturer which was a noisy diverter valve.  One customers feedback was that the smart controls annoying only worked in full degrees and not .5 of a degree as his Hive had worked. He commented that the app was fairly slow to respond - but on the whole he had no issues with the operation of the boiler.


We won't know for sure exactly how reliable these boilers are due to how new they are to the market, but at this price point we expect to see high volumes of these appliances installed. We currenty recommend the Navien NCB300 boilers as a budget option and we use the NCB700 where we need a high hot water output. When it comes to the 10 year warranties, we feel the Vaillant EcoTEC Pro range are still the most time served and reliable option, but one thing is for sure, there is a new kid on the block!

How much does a Navien boiler cost to install?

The NCB 300 range starts at around £1,800 inc VAT filter and wireless thermostat.

The NCB700 range starts around £2,750 inc VAT filter and wireless thermostat

These prices are for straight boiler swaps in Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford, Leeds and West Yorkshire areas. The price is only a guide and may vary dependent on existing installation. 

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