Power Flushing

Power Flushing

Powerflushing has evolved from years of heating engineers trying to find the best way of unblocking pipework and radiators. For a long time the best way to try and remove sludge was to use a hose pipe and literally try to rinse out the pipes and radiators. As water will always flow the easiest path it was often a waste of time.

Our engineers use Norstrom and Adey branded proflush machines – these brands are best known for providing high quality powerful equipment. This enables our engineers to do an effective power flush every time. We use Sentinol chemicals, these are a non acid based treatment, these shift and remove sludge from the radiators and pipework that builds up in old central heating systems. The powerflush therefore eliminates cold spots and enables proper heat distribution. This machine and chemicals can be used in all central heating systems, including those that include aluminium.

To get the best results from a power flush our engineers will use a VibraClean, this is radiator agitator which shifts hardened debris and blockages, this speeds up the process greatly.

If your looking for a powerflush in Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford or surrounding areas. Our Heating engineers are specialists in all aspects of central heating repair.

Here is a photo of sludge removed from a powerflush in Huddersfield and one of our Gas Engineers, Darren, using a VibraClean agitating tool.

Why Do I Need a Powerflush

Many homes have had central heating fitted for decades. Over this time boilers have been replaced, moved, adapted and upgraded. Until recent flushing technology was developed, it was difficult to remove the years of dirt and sludge in the system. Now we use the best system on the market to restore radiators and protect new boilers.

Our specially trained Central Heating Engineers are experts in all aspects of central heating repair in Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford and the West Yorkshire area.

Having a Powerflush can rectify:

  • Radiators not heating up
  • Cold spots on radiators.
  • Poor hot water on combi boilers due to sludge build up in the heat exchanger.
  • Excessive gas bill caused by inefficient heating.

Industry Leading MagnaClense and Nordstrom Method

We use the Adey MagnaClense system to flush. Various videos of how this system works can be found on YouTube with clearly impressive results. This works by adding 2 powerful magnets just before the central heating water returns into the boiler. The system is so effective you can literally see black water entering the filters and clear water running out. Once the hose coming out stops running clear. it’s time to clean the magnets. This is done repeatedly until the system is as clear as possible.


A Cleaning chemical is then added to the system to help loosen up the sludge. Once added it is now time to start “agitating” the radiators. All of the radiators are turned off except for the first radiator to be cleaned. The Vibraclean agitator is a blunt attachment that is added to the end of a drill that is set to impact rather than spin. The agitator is used to knock off the sludge that is stuck to the inside of the radiators. Any parts of the radiator that are cold are given attention until the whole radiator is hot and clear of blockages. Each radiator is done until they are all warm. The filter will be cleaned several times to ensure all the sludge is completely removed. While the radiators are being cleaned, the chemical is breaking down any sludge in the pipes or cylinder.


Why Choose Union Plumbing

High Value For Money

Part of what makes us unique is our willingness to perform work that will last and is at a competitive price point.

We Call Ahead

Need to nip out to the shop? That’s no problem, our engineers will call ahead to let you know they are close by. No more waiting around all day.

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We strive to be your local experts, delivering a friendly and professional service is one of our core values.

Gas Safe Registered

We are fully qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineers. So rest assured that any work carried out by Union Plumbing is Safe and Guaranteed.

Additional Services

Gas Safety Certificate

£72 inc VAT

  • Up to 3 appliances checked
  • Additional appliances £18 inc VAT

Gas Appliance Servicing

£80 inc VAT

  • Inc Gas Meter & Pipe Work Check
  • Add-on Service

Fire Alarm Fitting

£24 inc VAT

  • Required by law in rented property
  • Save money fitting while having another service done

CO Alarm Fitting

£36 inc VAT

  • Highly Recommended
  • Save money fitting while having another service done

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Our Process

First an engineer will need to visit your home to give you a free home survey, if its found that you require a Powerflush, a quote will be provided onsite.


Step 1: Book

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Step 2: Work

The Engineer will carry out the work to the highest professional standard. Once compleated you will be given a full invoice that can be paid via card or cash.

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